Feeling stressed and scared due to the Covid-19 crises? 

During this turbulent time of Coronavirus and all manner of flu, making the right moves can help to boost your immunity and detoxify your whole system! Not everything that might seem healthy can help you to get you through. Often, less is more. Over-exercising, stress and certain moves can be counterproductive and withhold toxins in your body. That can leave your body and immune system strained and vulnerable. 

Being in a calm headspace is evenly important than regular exercises and a healthy diet. Pairing a healthy diet with your exercises contributes up to 70 – 80% of your physical results. Fuel your body with healthy foods. 

# Detoxify faster

How to detoxify the body? Doing the right exercises can assist you to flush toxins from your body. Being physically active enhances lung and airways function, which, on the other hand, helps to detoxify through the lungs. Oxygen acts as a natural bacteria killer. The more oxygen you get in your system, the easier is it to ‘empty’ your system. 

 # Decreases stress levels

How to destress? Numerous studies have shown, that being stressed has and negative impact on your immune system. The body is fighting a constant battle and may not have enough energy to fight against illness. Nevertheless, being stressed can prolong recovery. The best you can do for your health is to destress through exercising, a healthy diet and staying connected. Physical activity slows down the release of stress hormones. 


Grab your meglio mat and get started with the top 5 moves to boost your immune system. This is a short sequence you can add as a warm-up to your regular practice or just do it on its own and experience all the great benefits. 

#1 Breathwork

Get seated on your meglio mat in a lotus position or on a pillow. Place your right hand on your chest and your left hand on your belly. Sit with a straight spine and slightly bow your head down. Close your eyes. Take a deep inhale and widen your belly as far as you can. Pause for a few seconds. On your exhale, squeeze your  abdominal muscles and press out all the air. Pause for a few seconds and repeat for 3 minutes. (You can do this after airing your room or in front on an open window.)

#2 Mountain Climbers

Come down to your meglio mat on all fours with your shoulders over your wrists. Step your feet back. Keep your body in one straight line and your gaze downwards. Take a deep breath and engage your core. Bring your right knee towards your chest and step it back. Alternate.  Take 10 steps on each side at a slow pace. When you feel warmed up, enhance the speed and ‘run up the mountain’. Run 20 seconds and pause. Make sure you do not compromise your straight spine here. 

#3 Plank Curls

Come down to your mat on all fours with your shoulders over your wrists. Step your feet back. Keep your body in one straight line and your gaze downwards. On your inhale, extend your right leg and lift it from the mat (parallel to the floor). On your exhale bring your knee towards your chest, try to touch your forehead while bowing down your head. On your inhale bring your leg back (parallel to the mat) or let it rest on your toes. Repeat 8 times on your right side and when you are ready, take it to your left. 

#4 Spinal Twist

Get seated on your mat and extend your legs. Bend your left knee, bring your foot over your right knee and place it flat on the mat (next to your right knee). Straighten your spine. Bring your right elbow now to your left knee. Keep your shoulder down and away from the ears. Reach your left arm now back and place your hand on the mat behind you. You should feel a slight twist in your spine already. On your inhale lengthen your spine and on your exhale, go deeper into the twist. Be very gentle with yourself. Take some breaths in that position. This is an excellent practice to detoxify your liver. When you are ready, repeat this movement on your other side. 

#5 Restorative Legs Up

Take a yoga block, a foam roller or a thick book. Lie down on your back on your mat. Place the book/block/roller under your hips/sacrum. Bend your knees and bring your hands overhead. Enjoy some beautiful breaths here. When you are ready, extend your legs and flex your feet. Keep this position for 3 minutes. Slowly bring your legs back down, remove the roller/block/book and relax in a final resting position for another 2 minutes. (Women should avoid inverse moves during their period.)


The best way to support your immune system is to relieve stress from the body. Keep your headspace cleansed, calm and healthy. Detoxify with us and get through the challenging times with Meglio. 


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8 Ways To Stay Calm & Healthy During The Quarantine ????‍♂️ Most of us are now facing the reality of restructuring our daily life to fit in with the current situation. It’s vital to stay physically and mentally focused during this period. Finding time to recenter and make your health and wellbeing is imperative! But, staying at home doesn’t mean you have to sit on the sofa for days on end watching TV. It is an excellent opportunity to redefine your routines and take time for things you have always wanted to do or could never make time for previously. At Meglio, we want you to make the best out of your new situation and to focus on the good things. We’ve made a list of our top 8 ways to stay calm & healthy during the quarantine: ???? Stick To Your Routines ????‍♂️ Home Workouts ???? Maintaining Hobbies ????‍???? Keeping Your Mind Active Find the rest of our top tips and the full post on the Meglio Hub – Link in bio ???? #NHS #NHSLondon #StaySafeStayHome #coronavirus #covid_19 #homeworkout #workout #stayathome #workfromhome

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