Laurence Plant now heads a successful, multidisciplinary institute located in the heart of the tranquil, Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire. However, like lots of young people growing up, he was uncertain of his future career. After studying at the European Chiropractic College in Bournemouth, Laurence went on to establish himself working as a chiropractor in a private clinic.

After three years of developing his skills, Laurence came up with the idea of creating an environment where all types of different therapies and classes could be managed under one roof; thus Henley Practice was born. Laurence has worked hard to improve and expand his knowledge and that of the clinic team by bringing a range of disciplines together from chiropractic and physiotherapy to, strength and conditioning, sports massage, yoga, and nutrition.

Great ideas put into practice

Henley Practice opened up in 2015 and has been extremely popular ever since; ‘In total we get around 300-400 clients through our door every week’ said Laurence. On site a team of chiropractors, physiotherapists, massage therapists, strength and conditioning coaches, running coaches and more are available to offer treatment to everyone from athletes to pregnant mums. Laurence emphasised the quality of services available stating that ‘we offer everything from, triathlon and strength training to pregnancy and personal training. Having multiple practitioners and a rehab clinic under one roof, ensures everyone gets the optimum treatment they deserve’.

The right products give the best results

Laurence not only prides himself, and his practice on providing a high quality service, but also stressed the importance of the performance of the products he uses ‘I like to use a product that is durable and one which I can sell to clients with confidence’. He went on to describe which products they rely on and how they are used at Henley Practice. Laurence said, ‘Day in day out we use resistance bands with almost every client; we’re always stretching them out around the room’. He said: ‘We’ve built up a fantastic group of core items including, kinesiology tape, acupuncture needles and massage products, which are used by our practitioners every day’. We asked Laurence how he went about selecting the products he currently uses in the clinic and he said, ‘Firstly I’d say it’s all about value for money; by that I don’t just mean how cheap a product is, but how effective it is and how long it lasts. A lot of foam rollers and lacrosse balls I’ve used in the past, for example, fall apart after a few uses, which is bad for us and for our customers’. He went on to explain how he trialled a wide variety of different products before finding the best ones. “I like to use a product that is durable and one which I can sell to clients with confidence”. He said: ‘We sell a lot of foam rollers and resistance bands in the clinic so it is imperative that the quality is as high as it can be’. Even whilst conducting the interview with Laurence, clients were coming into the practice and walking out with a new product in hand. He said ‘The Meglio foam roller is definitely one of our best sellers. For the price, it is so much better than other foam rollers on the market. Like anything, you can spend a lot of money on a product, which is not always justified. In some cases you are just paying for a name’.

We asked him why he liked using Meglio products. “I really like the quality, durability and price; they really can’t be beaten” He said, ‘I have tested a lot of products over the years and I know they’ve definitely created a great selection’. Laurence explained that he first heard of Meglio when they too were based in Henley-on-Thames. He talked about his role in the development of some of the key products, including kinesiology tape and the foam rollers, and said: ‘Even now that they’ve moved to Reading, I still really appreciate how readily available products are. With a simple email or phone call I can get the products I need delivered the next day’.

Laurence talked about his ability to sell Meglio products within his practice, creating a new revenue stream for the business. He said; ‘It’s been fantastic for me and my customers. I get premium quality products at a competitive rate, and I can pass these benefits on to my customers’. He went on to say, ‘I not only have full confidence in the quality of Meglio products but they also look amazing! The packaging is really nicely designed, which makes it easy to put them up on the shelves in the practice. It really doesn’t take long for customers to come in and snap them up’.

Laurence has developed a truly unique and successful business, built on providing a high-quality service, accompanied by using premium quality Meglio products.

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