Let me introduce myself, I’m Maxime, a young engineer specialising in Management and Innovation graduated from a school called ENSGI (National School in Industrial Systems Engineering) in France. In this article, I will tell you my experience during my internship at Meglio.

First, I was working at DXC Technology (Paris la Defense) as a change management consultant in a mission which took place in the headquarter of Crédit Agricole (Bank). After that, I’ve decided to move to United Kingdom in order to get out of my comfort zone. I worked in few part time jobs before applying to Meglio.

During the interview, I presented to Maksim Minkov the Brand and Marketing Manager of Meglio an action plan to develop the French Market Place, we talked about my experience and ideas. In a couple of days I received a phone call that I have successfully been selected.

A quick background of Meglio.

Meglio supply a major part of the public and private physiotherapy and fitness sectors in UK. Meglio’s product became popular in the UK and the company decided to expand its markets across Europe and US, therefore a French speaking intern was needed to develop the French market.

My internship.

My assignment was given to me on my first working day, which is a great thing for me to understand quickly what I had to do. My task was to understand, build and develop a French Market Place from scratch.

First day in the office, no tie, no suit and no barrier to innovation. In this creative start-up atmosphere, I was able to develop my attributes to my task.

At Meglio, if you have an idea or initiative, there is no need to climb through different managers and departments to get approval, as managers sit right next to you.

Here are the advantages for working at Meglio:

  • Fast Learning through experience
  • Strong skill development
  • A strong sense of belonging and a passionate atmosphere

I would only have one piece of advice for you, go for it! You will participate in a project in which you will be the main actor, you will be valued and will have to face new challenges all the time. You will come out of this adventure deeply changed and empowered.

Max is also an extremely talented artist, we gave him a blank canvas one of our walls to create an artwork.

Thank you Max!

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