How can you make the best out of your swimming routine by implementing resistance bands into your workout?  With resistance bands, you can help your body develop muscles which enable you to swim longer and faster. Strong shoulders and arms are crucial elements for swimming. Nothing is easier than training these areas with resistance bands. With Meglio Resistance Bands, you have a perfect and affordable addition to your swimming routines.


# More flexibility

Can Meglio Resistance Bands help to increase ROM (range of motion)? Yes. Especially swimmers need an extraordinary well-trained shoulder area. As important as the muscles are for swimming, so are flexible joints crucial to have great swimming experience. With the different resistance levels, you can decide how intense you want your workout to be.

# Prevents shoulder damage

Can resistance bands help you to prevent shoulder injuries? Definitely, yes. You can directly target the areas of your body which you need, particularly for swimming. Enhance your strength and endurance with Meglio Resistance Bands.

# Swimming pool to go

Even if there is no swimming pool nearby, you can train your ‘swimming’ muscles. The resistance bands imitate the resistance of the water. Therefore you can prepare wherever you like without visiting a swimming pool.


Grab your Meglio Resistance Band and start with the top 10 moves for swimmers. As we use a lot of the upper body while swimming, we focused on training the arms, shoulders and torso for this exercise selection.

#1 Train your chest (pectorals)

Attach the resistance band to an anchor above you. Grab the ends with each hand. Stand tall, activate your lower back and engage your core. Bend your knees slightly. Extend both arms in front of you, parallel to the ground and make sure your the band has already a light tension. From there, open your arms to the side. Bring it back with control and breath with the movement.

#2 Train your shoulders

Hook the resistance band somewhere above you. Stand tall and grab the ends with both of your hands. Your arms are now extended over your head. Get active in the core. Slide your shoulders down and away from the ears and make sure they are down the entire exercise. Now start flapping your arms down to the outer side of your thighs and back up again. Like wings flapping. All in a controlled and slow movement.


#3 Train your biceps

You are in a standing position with your feet hip-width apart. Hook the resistance band underneath your foot. Grab your resistance band with one hand and make sure you have a slight tension in the band at the very beginning. Your elbow is slightly bent and now start to curl your biceps. Bring it back to starting position. Never compromise your posture, keep an engaged core and active back. When you are done, switch to the other hand.

#4 Train your internal rotators

Attach the band at shoulder-height to an anchor. Turn your right side toward the anchor. Grab the resistance band with your right hand. Bend your elbow to a 90° angle and keep your upper arm close to the side of your upper body. Now rotate your arm inward, so that the right hand touches your belly. Slowly and in controlled motion bring your arm back to starting position. When you are ready, repeat it on the left side.


#5 Train your external rotators

Attach the resistance band to an anchor about shoulder height. Now turn your left side to the anchor and grab the resistance band with your right hand. Bend your right elbow and keep your upper arm close to the side of the upper body. Now rotate your arm outwards without compromising a straight back. When you are ready, take it to the other side.

#6 Train your upward arm extension

Hold the band in your left hand and bring it behind your back. Rest it on your lower back and lock your elbow here. Grab the other end with your right hand and bring it behind your neck with your elbow pointing up. Keep your left arm locked and extend your right arm up over your head. Make sure you have a slight tension in the resistance band from the very beginning. Don’t collapse in your back or bring your shoulder up. Slowly bring it back. Switch sides, when you are ready.

#7 Train your outward pulls

Bring a resistance band under your feet and stand straight about hip-width apart. Your hands are grabbing both ends. Extend your arms and pull them out to the side about shoulder-height. Keep your shoulders low here and don’t bring them up while you lift your arms. Slowly lower your arms back to the side of your body. Repeat this movement on the other side.

#8 Train your alternations

Again, loop your resistance band around an anchor somewhere above you. Grab both ends with your hands. Slightly bend your knees and lean forward to a 45° angle with your upper body and a straight spine. Extend your right arm forward, like it is a prolongation of your upper body. Put your left arm extended behind you. Now start with alternating your arms. Bring your left arm forward and your right arm backwards. Keep your shoulders down and away from the ears.

#9 Train your swim strokes

Loop the resistance band around an anchor somewhere above you. Grab each end with your hands. Activate your core and bend your knees. Extend both arms out from your shoulders in front of you. Slightly lean forward with your upper back and pull in your right hand. Your right hand is now near your shoulder, and your elbow is behind you. The left arm is still extended. Alternate!

#10 Train your abdominals

Attach the resistance band to an anchor somewhere above you. Turn your right side to the anchor and get in a kneeling position. Grab the band with both hands and keep them together. Bring your hands overhead to your right side. Make sure you have already a slight tension in your band. Activate your core, keep your back strong and bring now your hands down to your left knee. Stay square in your hips. The movement comes from your abdominal muscles. Bring your arms back up to starting position. When you are ready, turn around and repeat on the other side.

Take this guideline as you like with a repetition of 8-10 per side/exercise. Always work with your breath. Before you start any exercise, make sure your starting position is correct. Modify the intensity of your training with adjusting the Meglio Resistance Band accordingly. Get the best benefits for your swim training by adding Meglio Resistance Bands to your dry-land routine.



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