Low-Intensity Fitness Training (LIFT), from Meglio.

Get your core into shape, in just a few minutes a day, with Emma Taylor’s brand-new Quick Abs Workout.

Our quick abs workout is great for beginners but still gets results, through a series of simple moves to start cracking that core.

And in keeping with the Low-Intensity Fitness Training ethos, these exercises are all perfect for newbies or those recovering from injury.

Emma’s friendly, easy-to-follow demos will make exercising a breeze. There are no complex moves, and three experience levels mean you can choose a variation that suits you, building up at your own pace.

Emma includes variations for anyone needing a bit more of a workout, but the basic versions of each exercise really are manageable for complete beginners.

Emma demonstrates the tried-and-tested moves you’re no doubt familiar with, like crunches, side bends, the plank, and cycling legs – as well as some that might be new to you, including Russian twists and mountain climbers.

The programme includes the following exercises:

  • Crunches
  • Side Bends
  • Plank
  • Russian Twists
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Cycling Legs
  • Plank Twists
  • Reverse Curls

Remember – always ensure you warm up before every workout and stretch after every workout to avoid injury.

What is your core?

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Meglio’s Low-Intensity Fitness Training (LIFT) workouts are the brainchild of fitness queen and personal training expert Emma Taylor.

Emma trained as a classical dancer at The Royal Ballet School, and then after a successful career in musical theatre and choreography, she returned to study in 2007 – training to become an advanced exercise instructor.

She’s now a personal trainer and health and fitness expert, working with children and adults.

She says: “I work with complete beginners right through to marathon runners, so I jumped at the chance to help develop a new exercise system that would work for everyone.

“Exercise is important for so many reasons – it increases fitness and improve body shape, but also make you feel mentally and physically energised, helps you to look and feel healthier and reduces stress levels. Exercise disciplines both the body and mind. It really helps in having a positive outlook on life.

“But a healthy lifestyle is not a short term aim – there isn’t a quick fix – it’s a lifelong journey. Set small goals and build on them. It takes three weeks to create a habit, and three months to create a lifestyle. Stick with it and you’ll reap the rewards.”

Emma is a huge advocate of LIFT. She adds: “We’re a society that doesn’t exercise nearly enough, so I was really keen to be involved in the LIFT project – to help show people that even just 20 minutes of gentle exercise 3 to 5 times a week can have a considerable positive effect on both their physical and mental wellbeing.”

For Meglio, it was crucial to work with a passionate fitness professional who had experience of working with people of all fitness levels. One of the core principles of LIFT is that it’s accessible to everyone.

Meglio CEO Barry Keane adds: “Emma really knows her stuff but she’s also passionate about helping people of all fitness levels achieve long-term health. At Meglio, we’re ‘for a better you’, so our values aligned and the partnership was perfect.”

Find out more about LIFT

Low-Intensity Fitness Training (LIFT), from Meglio.

Personal Trainer Emma Taylor has crafted 10 easy-to-follow exercises to enable you to do a complete full-body workout at your desk.

Here at Meglio, we’re passionate about helping you get fit and stay fit for life. So, with the LIFT programme, we’ve developed a suite of bite-sized exercises to fit into daily life. We all need to make lasting changes, for long-term health.

Office-based workers are at a greater risk of ill health than those with active jobs. Studies have linked excessive sitting with obesity, type 2 diabetes, some types of cancer, and early death. So, get LIFT-ing!

Emma says: “We want to make it as easy as possible to fit segments of exercise into your daily life. These 10 quick office workouts can be used as a whole, or you can pick and choose based on the time you have available. The important thing is just to do something.

“A healthy lifestyle isn’t a short-term aim – it’s a lifelong journey. It takes three weeks to create a habit, and three months to create a lifestyle. Stick with it and you’ll reap the rewards.”

LIFT Quick Office Workout, in association with Meglio

  • Squats and Calf Raises
  • Tricep Dips
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Side Bends
  • Lunges
  • Press Ups
  • Running On Spot
  • Plank
  • Squat Combination
  • Bicep Curls

Remember – always ensure you warm up before every workout and stretch after every workout to avoid injury.

LIFT Body Coach Emma explains why resistance bands are perfect for exercising at work: “Resistance bands are perfect for use in the office – they’re low in cost, super efficient, lightweight, small enough to fit into a briefcase or handbag, and you can do a multitude of exercises with them that will get results.

“What’s more, there are 5 different levels of resistance band tension … so not only is there one for every ability, but you can work up to tougher tension bands as you get fitter, if you want more of a challenge. It really is the best all-round piece of kit for taking wherever you go.”

Order Meglio resistance bands and loops online – all come with a convenient storage bag and exercise guide.

Where is the core exactly, and why do I need a strong one?

Rectus abdominus may sound like something you’d find in Jurassic Park, but it’s actually the name of the muscles that form the sought-after six pack. The ones most people think of when you mention the word ‘core’.

As the name suggests, though, your core goes much deeper than just your abs. It’s the most important muscle group in the body – an interior support network around your pelvis, spine and ribs – and it plays a critical role in most everyday activities.

Your core muscles activate before just about any movement – whether you’re scooping up your toddler, bending down to pick up a £10 note, pulling an emergency stop, or even just sitting on the toilet. So it’s crucial to keep them in good shape.

The benefits of a strong core:

  • Better posture
  • Less lower back pain
  • Improved mobility
  • Injury prevention
  • Improved sports performance

Personal trainer and LIFT guru Emma Taylor says: “Strong core muscles make day-to-day activities as well as sporting activities much easier. A strong core can help increase energy levels, increase endurance and reduce the likelihood of injuries. A strong core can also help improve posture as well as reduce lower back pain.”

How to get started

A great way to start strengthening your core – slowly and safely – is with Meglio’s specially designed LIFT exercises. Developed in collaboration with Emma, these exercises are easy to follow and portioned into bite-sized chunks, to fit into your day at a time that suits you.

This week we launched our LIFT project, an accessible and achievable low-intensity fitness technique meant for everybody and every body. Whoever you are – young or old, fit or injured, novice or elite athlete – LIFT’s simple routines can be a gentler path to a healthier heart, body and mind.

As LIFT was created to inspire those of us who sometimes need a nudge in the right direction, we want to hear how you achieved something inspiring using the power of exercise.

Maybe you overcame a career or relationship setback. Maybe you were fighting back from illness or injury. Maybe you completed your first 5K, or maybe it was just time to rediscover a better you.
We want to know what you did, how you did it and why. And as a thank you for sharing your inspiring journey with us, we’ll send you the latest, greatest Meglio equipment to help with your fitness journey.

Ready to be inspired?

Here’s one that we love, but don’t feel you need to be an Iron Woman or ultra-runner to make our Top Meglio Stories List!

What to put in your story

Need a hand creating your story? These questions might help you uncover the secret to your journey’s success!

  • How you went from zero to hero
  • What method you chose and why
  • What or who inspired you
  • How your exercise journey transformed other aspects of your life

How to enter

You don’t need to send us thousands of words or have perfect prose! Just tell us your story in your own words. We love a good photo too, if you’re feeling brave.

Send your story to info@mymeglio.com we can’t wait to hear from you!

Unfortunately we can’t publish all of the stories we receive, but if yours is chosen we’ll send you some free Meglio gear to kickstart your next fitness adventure.

Low-Intensity Fitness Training (LIFT), from Meglio.

Fancy being a bit more toned? Exercising with resistance bands is an easy way to improve your fitness at home, by enhancing strength, flexibility and muscle tone.

We’ve joined forces with Personal Trainer and LIFT Body Coach Emma Taylor, who has developed some easy-to-follow resistance band exercise to do whenever you have the time.

Emma explains: “Resistance band exercises can easily be adapted for multiple fitness levels. This is a cost-effective way to work your entire body. And the bands are small and portable, so you can even work out when you’re travelling or away from a gym.”

LIFT Resistance Band Workout, in association with Meglio:

  • Bicep Curls
  • Calf Extensions
  • Side Bends
  • Tricep Extensions
  • Travelling Squats
  • Russian Twists
  • Upright Row
  • Standing Knee Lifts
  • Cross Body Reach
  • Chest Press

Remember – always ensure you warm up before every workout and stretch after every workout to avoid injury.

Order Meglio resistance bands and loops online – all come with a convenient storage bag and exercise guide.

Our looped resistance bands are suitable for all levels of fitness and training. Whether you’re a beginner trying to find the correct strength to work to, or a specialist wishing to mix and match resistance strengths, our loops are perfect for you. We’ve worked with professional physiotherapists and fitness experts to ensure we provide the best quality, Latex-Free bands.

Are you ready to make the shift to LIFT?

You’ll find extra resistance-band exercise videos coming soon on the Meglio Hub.

You’ve heard of HIIT. You’ve been terrified by Insanity. You’re keen to exercise but looking for something a bit less intense…

Meet LIFT – Low-Intensity Fitness Training. Accessible, achievable exercise for long-term physical and mental health.

And the best thing? Anyone can do it. Young and old, fit and unfit, newbies and pros, injured and healthy, children and adults.

Meglio has worked with personal trainer Emma Taylor to create a series of easy-to-follow exercises that anyone can do, almost anywhere. So you can get LIFT-ed in the privacy of your own home, at a time that suits you.

These exercises can become part of your daily routine. There’s no huge effort required, no special clothing, or expensive gym membership. You don’t have to waste time travelling to a pricey class. You don’t have to do it in front of an audience.

There’s no novelty factor – this is for life. LIFT is an exercise routine you can actually stick to long term. And one that’ll really make a difference to your health and wellbeing.

The benefits of LIFT:

  • Lower blood pressure
  • Stronger bones
  • Stronger core
  • Weight loss
  • Improved mobility
  • Reduced stress
  • Reduced risk of cardiovascular disease

Emma Taylor is passionate about LIFT and its potential to get people moving. She says: “Low intensity exercise, such as walking and jogging, has a plethora of benefits. This gentler way of exercising is much more sustainable throughout life and is therefore arguably more beneficial. Working at a lower intensity will help reduce the risk of injury compared to working at a higher rate and will be achievable for a much larger percentage of the population. It is good for those who are new to exercise, those who are recovering from injury, those who have diabetes and also the older generations.

“Scientific research shows that regular exercise – even at a low intensity – can provide a simple way to maintain brain function, improve new brain cell growth and improve cognitive brain function. Regular low-intensity training can also help protect against a variety of ailments, such as cardiovascular disease and various metabolic conditions.

“Since we’re a society that doesn’t exercise nearly enough, I was keen to be involved in the LIFT project – to help show people that even just 20 minutes of gentle exercise 3-5 times a week can have a considerable positive effect on both their physical and mental wellbeing.”

Our first LIFT video features one of our most popular products, the Resistance Band.

Are you ready to make the shift to lift?

Check out the exercises and get LIFT-ing!