“I had a slight calf strain and needed to compete in a 400m race” Christian Byron Birchfield Harriers 400m and England 4x400m relay runner

Here at Meglio we recently spoke to Christian Byron about his experience using Kinesiology tape. After taking advice from a professional sports physio, Christian was recommended to use Kinesiology tape to speed up rehabilitation and prevent injury during the event. He only had two weeks to recover from a calf strain before a major competition. He used the tape everyday, for 10 days, leading up to the event. We asked Christian what benefits he found from using the tape. He said “I was able to complete strenuous exercise with only minor discomfort and was able to avoid serious injury”. The tape worked well, Christian recovered from his calf strain and competed successfully at the event.

We asked Christian about other products he used for rehabilitation, physio or for injury prevention whilst competing.

He recommended the use of:

https://mymeglio.com/collections/massage/products/foam-roller-grid Foam Roller-Daily basis

https://mymeglio.com/collections/massage/products/massage-ball Massage Balls-1/2 times per week

https://mymeglio.com/collections/resistance-exercise-products/products/exercise-bands Resistance Bands-2 times per week

(All products used for between 5-10 minutes at a time)

Recently Christian competed in Olympic trials and last season managed to set three new 400m personal bests. We thank Christian for his time and advice on the products and wish him all the best for future events!

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