When we do physical activities like running, we are stressing our muscles. Stressed muscles will tighten up to knots, to save themselves from strains or tears. What a great natural protective mechanism. But these tight spots are likely to impair our day to day life or even force us into poor postures. The tissues in our body are covered and permeated with a connective tissue called fascia. When the fascia is limited in its mobility through poor posture, injuries, malnutrition, lack of movement, poor post-activity treatment it might take the body longer to heal. You can help yourself to prevent injuries by using the Meglio Foam Roller before or after any exercise.



# Releases tension

The Meglio Foam Roller helps you to release stiff or stressed muscles and fascia.

# Increases circulation

Foam rolling promotes blood and lymphatic flow and therefore allows nutrients to be provided more efficiently.

# Fast recovery

The roller aids to soothe sore muscles and helps you to be ready for action faster.

# More ROM

The Meglio Foam Roller positively affects your range of motion (ROM) and therefore helps you to prevent injuries.



Get your Meglio Foam Roller and start with our top 10 moves to prevent running injuries.

#1 Glute roll

Get seated on the roller with your right hip and cross your left ankle over your right knee. Gently, roll back and forth and feel your deep hip rotators. Take your time and when you are ready, switch to your left side.

#2 Piriformis roll

Start by lying on your right hand side with the roller under your gluteal muscles. Your right leg should be extended. Bend your left knee and place it behind your right foot. Put your hands on the floor for stability. With tiny movements roll the foam roller around your gluteal area. When you are done, switch to the other side.

#3 Illotibial roll

Lie on your right side with the foam roller just below your hip bone, and your right leg extended straight out. Now bend your left knee and place it in front of your right leg. For support, place your hand on the ground. Slowly roll your outer thigh from the hips to just above your knee. Rollback and play with moving back and forth as you feel. Switch to the other leg.

#4 Spine release roll

Lay yourself down on the roller so that your whole spine is supported. The long side reaches from your head to your tailbone. Bring your arms to the side, palms facing up. Your knees are bent, and your feet are flat on the ground for support. With your next inhale bring your extended arms overhead. Keep them as close and parallel to the ground as possible. On your next exhale, bring your arms slowly back to your hips.


#5 Calf roll

Place your foam roller under your calves, right below the knee. Make sure you don’t roll to the back of your knee. Now cross your left calf over your right shin on the roller. Put your hands to the ground, right under your shoulders, fingers pointing forward. Push your hands into the ground and lift your hips, while balancing your calves on the roller. Slowly roll back and forth. When you are ready, switch legs.


#6 Side Hamstring roll

For this move, you need some extra power in your arms. Bring yourself to the right side with extended legs. Shift your weight to your upper body and forearms. Make sure you keep your body in one straight line. Place the foam roller just above your right knee. Roll it down along your side and repeat as needed. Switch to the other side.



#7 Hamstrings roll

Take a seat on the ground and put a foam roller underneath your hamstrings. Place your hands slightly behind you. Now press your hands into the ground and lift your buttocks off the ground. Engage your core and roll yourself forward and backwards. Stop right above your knees and take it back to your hip and pelvis. Repeat as you need.

#8 Adductors/Inner thigh roll

Come down to the ground with your forearms on the floor. Your body is facing the ground. Bend your right knee and raise it to your right side with the knee about hip level. Place a foam roller under your right upper inner thigh. Make sure your upper body is square to the ground as you slowly begin to roll your foam roller towards your right knee. Pause just above your knee and take it back to the groin. Repeat and when you are done take it to the left thigh.


#9 Shin roll

Come down to your hands and knees. Your hands and knees are shoulder-width apart. Place a foam roller underneath your right shin. Lift your knees off the ground by pressing your hands into the floor. Your toes are curled, and the arches of your feet are stretched. Push your heels back. Use your feet and hands to roll forward. When your toes are pointed, slightly turn them inward and roll back down on your shin. Return to starting position and repeat. Switch to the other side.

#10 Quad roll

Come down to your forearms with your body facing the ground. Put a foam roller underneath your hips. Engage your core to avoid overarching in the lower back. Roll down and pause just above your knees. Slowly take it back up to the hips.

Use this as a guideline to prevent yourself from running injuries. Give each exercise a try with up to 8 repetitions. In the beginning, it might hurt, but this feeling will ease over time. Make sure to take your time for each move and breath smoothly throughout the exercises. Take advantage of your Meglio Foam Roller and get ready for action faster.

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