Everyone has the slight drop in motivation that naturally comes with long term goals. If you are comfortable knowing this then you’ll be in the best place to deal with it. As you make the final build towards your end of season ‘A’ race you’ll find the balance between life and triathlon harder. Your commitment increases and directly affects your other lifestyle choices. This is where a training camp comes in perfectly. It takes you away from the day to day life admin and allows you to focus 100% or even just a solid 80%, on your race preparation.

Race preparation is not just about the training sessions you will be undertaking but the whole 14hrs of your waking day. Training load, sleep, nutrition and general load/stress are all key considerations. Time away gives you the freedom to plan your sessions at the optimal time of day to consider the training stress and adaptation/recovery. You should have a written plan of the sessions you/your group need to crack, noting which ones are key high intensity sessions and which are longer endurance ones. I follow loosely the theory of ‘reverse periodisation’ where the pre-race build is about longer (near race duration) sessions with race intensity built in. Once you have your general training plan you can focus on their time of day and fuelling strategy. There is no one right way or perfect guide but these ideas might help you plan. For optimal adaption, early mornings should be reserved for your lower intensity sessions and then once fuelled and your body is prepped the more intense sessions. Making sure your body has carbohydrates for the higher intensity efforts is important to be able to work at these higher levels. It is also worth considering training with your race nutrition in some of the higher intensity sessions nearer your race to prepare yourself for these challenges. For the longer endurance sessions, you can afford to have less readily accessible carbohydrates (fasted) for at least the beginning (60-90mins) of the session. As you start to plan your carbohydrate intake, alongside much needed protein and natural fats you start to focus your diet and consequently your day on your training. Your day’s purpose becomes aligned with being in the best condition for your training and enjoying the training session.

With this purpose and focus your attention can drift during the time you’re not eating or training. Absolute key here; enjoy and relax. Do not feel guilty about not doing more. If you have followed the guidance above you are doing your planned training you don’t need to add in more, just because you have the time. Your body will gain fitness quicker and with less risk if you allow good time to recover and adapt. For me, good recovery includes lots of ‘legs up and chill’ as well as some good music to enjoy a nice stretch and foam roll. If the mood takes me, I try and squeeze in a little bit of pre-hab in these sessions so it doesn’t feel like a chore. This includes some resistance band work (glutes and ankles) and also standing single leg control movements. For some, taking this time out to recover can feel like harder work than the actual training, but not for others. Personally, I am very good at this!

The final piece of this puzzle is sleep. I mentioned 14hrs of the waking day, this is your aim; 9hrs of sleep a night and 1hr of sleep around 2pm. If this is unrealistic, as a minimum you want 8hrs total sleep per 24hrs. It might seem a lot but the research is only growing to suggest how important these hours are for your physical and mental recovery. An untapped gain for most people and whilst in the day to day routine of life completely impossible but whilst away- something to strive for.

Keep all the other life stresses away and allow yourself the time to focus on you, to be better.



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Big final race preparations for #TeamMeglio superstar @katrina_rye Can’t wait to watch you at the Ironman World Championships in Nice next month ???????? • Polished off the roads here in Lanzarote with some over race pace TT efforts straight into the beastly wind. Really pleased with this 10 days pre-race build with the help of @tri_coach_damo , @mymeglio @timpodlogar and @occidentallanzarotemar @suselanza ???? Thank you! Bike away and just a few more sessions to crack before home and the real build begins… @hibsta1 ‘s WEDDING! ???? Legend. #soldierfirst #makegoalsareality #perspective #dreambig#physioathlete #rehabilitation #physiotherapy #notjustphysiotherapy #forabetteryou #asicsroadhawkff #asicsfrontrunner #triathlon #triathlontraining #ironman #ironmantraining #trilife #picoftheday #fitness #athlete #swimbikerun #triathlonmotivation #triathlonlife #im703

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