What is underwrap tape and what is it used for?

Underwrap tape is a lightweight foam pre-wrap tape. It is the perfect preparation for use beneath adhesive and rigid zinc oxide tapes or cohesive elastic bandages.

It is designed to protect sensitive skin, reduces friction, chafing and scraping. 

The underwrap tape is a non-adhesive tape and used as a foam layer beneath adhesive tapes or bandages. It makes taping and strapping longer lasting and is more comfortable.

What are the benefits of using Underwrap tape?

Reduces friction, chafing and scraping

The soft foam layer reduces friction, chafing and scraping from the skin since it keeps the edges of tapes and bandages from rubbing.

Protects sensitive skin

It protects skin that is sensitive to dermatological adhesives. It also prevents the pulling out of fine body hair, which can sometimes be painful. 


Usually, one layer is sufficient to protect and support the affected skin areas, which makes it hardly noticeable from the weight.  

Makes taping and strapping longer lasting

Cohesive elastic bandages and adhesive zinc oxide tapes have a perfect stick on the underwrap tape. It cannot slip, and it is not exposed to sweat, which takes away the adhesion of the adhesive faster. 

How to apply Underwrap tape?

Skin preparation

Clean, dry and shaved skin provides the best foundation to apply and ensures the best adhesion. Wash your skin with a mild cleanser and water and remove any lotions, creams etc.

Choose length

Since the underwrap is non-adhesive, you can easily choose your length by wrapping it around the targeted area beforehand. Then cut it with a pair of scissors. 


The underwrap tape doesn’t need to be applied tightly, and it shouldn’t be loose either. Keep it close to the skin without any slack.

Apply adhesive tape

This step must fit. Loosen a small part of the adhesive tape and attach it to the area where you want to start. You can apply the adhesive tape on the go, which allows you to choose tightness and length of the tape. After using the adhesive tape, you can now remove/cut protrudes from the underwrap tape from the edges. 

Safe Usage

It is made of non-toxic and non-irritating materials. Still, in case you feel irritation on the skin after using underwrap tape, you should stop using the tape and refer to a health professional. 

Using underwrap tape beneath rigid, adhesive and cohesive tapes makes the removal painless and easy. It can easily be cut off by sliding a pair of scissors underneath the underwrap tape. It does not adhere to the skin, which makes it extra comfortable to wear. 

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