Here at Meglio, we recently interviewed professional chiropractor, sports movement analyst & business partner, Laurence Plant, about his background within the sports and physio industry. In this short interview, Laurence talks about his business, sports upbringing and favourite Meglio products that keep him active each and everyday.

Laurence recently took part in our latest series of ‘how to’ instructional videos; which is set to be released very soon. In our latest series, Laurence provides a clear and concise guide on the use of key Meglio massage products including, a grid foam roller, massage stick and a lacrosse ball.

Here at Meglio, we are dedicated to get you back up and running as quickly, and as comfortably, as possible. We are here for those in recovery and for those who need to get better, faster.

Keep an eye out for our latest video series coming soon.

In the meantime, check out our current series of instructional videos online now

The Meglio Yoga Wheel

Yoga helps relieve stress and increases strength and flexibility.

The Meglio Yoga Wheel is the perfect tool forimproving posture, increasing overall balance and adding comfort and support during your exercise routines

Our Yoga Wheels all have a grippy black rubber base and come in a range of stylish colours. Gorgeous in Green, Brilliant in Blue, Outstanding in Orange or Pretty in Pink!

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We had a great day at the Meglio Conquer the Chilterns Triathlon. Thanks to all the participants who took place at the three events. Amazing atmosphere and spirit from all athletes and supporters.

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