New to the Meglio range, our Compression Knee and Ankle Sleeves help to increase blood flow and reduce pain; not only during but also after performance. They offer targeted compression and support, giving you the confidence to perform, whether it be in sporting activities or general day to day physical exercise.

Our knee sleeve has been created with a non-slip silicone layer and elasticated edges; keeping the support in place and preventing it moving during exercise. We use a breathable fabric for all compression supports, which is comfortable and allows for a full range of motion during exercise.

Ankle Sleeve Product Features

Premium Quality: Made from a breathable and stretchable material, designed to contour your foot.

Comfortable Design: Designed to maintain your optimal performance by allowing full range of motion of your ankle.

Prevent Injury: Protect against unnecessary injuries and irritating pain during fitness activities and workouts

Compression Support : Improve blood circulation to assist with injury recovery and support muscle endurance.

Perfect for a wide range of activities and sports such as: walking, hiking, jogging, running, basketball, football, tennis, cycling and in the gym.

Perfect for rehabilitation, physiotherapy and improving fine motor skills, Meglio Therapy Putty can be used at home, at the clinic or on the move.

Why choose Meglio Hand Therapy Putty? Therapy putty is an effective way to improve the strength and mobility of your fingers, hands, and forearms after an injury. Meglio have vigorously tested the hand putty to withstand day to day usage.

Designed to aid a range of hand and arm strengthening motions, our therapy putty can be squeezed, stretched, twisted and pinched to suit your needs.

·Improve hand function – An excellent addition to your rehabilitation routine, our therapy putty helps to improve your dexterity and motor control. Therapy putty is perfect for targeting carpal tunnel syndrome and strengthening hands after nerve damage.

·Take on the go! With a sealable tub, Meglio therapy putty is reusable and easy to use anywhere; whether at home, in the office, or on the go! Our sealable tubs are small in size and easy to put in your travel or gym bag!

· Four strength variations & nontoxic – our therapy putty is available in 4 different colour-coded resistances to suit all stages of rehabilitation: Yellow (extra-soft), Red (soft), Green (medium), and Blue (firm). Meglio Hand Therapy Putty has been designed to be non-toxic, clean and non-greasy.